Beware, These Bad Habits Can Aggravate Diabetes!

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Diabetes is an illness known as the silent killer due to its unclear condition of onset, without symptoms, yet may cause various complications of other serious illness. Diabetes is characterized by high levels of sugar in the blood. To find out we must check blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can threaten quality of life. However, diabetes can be managed by practicing healthy lifestyle. A person who has been diagnosed with diabetes should avoid certain habits that may worsen his/her condition or diabetes. Some of these bad habits include:

Skipping meals. Many diabetics are hesitant or afraid to eat because they are worried that their sugar levels will increase. Avoiding meals will actually make blood sugar levels unstable. If the blood sugar levels of diabetics fall, hypoglycemia takes place which is more dangerous than high sugar levels or hyperglycemia. The condition of hypoglycemia will worsen and even become dangerous if not treated at once because it can cause the brain starvation, seizures to decreased consciousness. Therefore, the 3 elements; timing, amount and type of food are recommended to be applied to diabetics.

Sedentary lifestyle. Sitting or lying down too long means limiting physical activity. Moreover, usually this activity involves eating snacks that are often unhealthy. Too long of immobile condition may cause slower metabolism hence the regulating of blood sugar.

Staying up late. The habit of staying up late at night leaves sleep time below normal which can have a negative impact on the body, including affecting blood sugar levels. Lack of sleep will make a person gets tired easily and require more energy, as a result the body will feel the desire to consume foods that supply instant energy, which usually have sugar and can directly increase blood sugar levels.

Inconsistence in taking blood sugar level. Measuring blood sugar levels regularly not only aims to reduce the risk of complications, but also to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy that has been given, including drugs consumed, diet, exercise and recommended physical activity, so that it can be a consideration for doctors to be able to increase or decrease the dosage of drugs and insulin consumed. The goal is to prevent diabetics from having blood sugar levels that are too low or too high. Therefore, measuring blood sugar levels regularly is one of the things that need to be done. Well, those are some of the habit The second bad habit is to sit a lot in front of the screen. Sitting too long in front of a screen means limiting physical activity. Moreover, usually this activity is carried out in conjunction with the activity of eating snacks that are often unhealthy. Too long silence in the sense of rare physical activity can make the body’s metabolism work slower in managing blood sugar.

Well, those are some of the habits that must be avoided so as not to worsen the condition of diabetes.

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