Overview of the Karnus Concept

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Health Revolution with nutrition-based Healing

Healing methods for various degenerative diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, ulcers, gerd) and abnormal cells (cancer, myoma, tumors, autoimmune)

Karnus Concept

a basic methodology for studying the workings of the human body based on the Creator's algorithm, starting from the activities at the cellular level to the activities of the human body and its relationship with the universe.

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The Discovery

The Karnus concept was discovered by Mr. Iwan Benny Purwowidodo, STP, in 2017. The Karnus concept was born from long thoughts regarding the phenomenon of the declining quality of human health globally and the dogma of most health experts, which states that degenerative diseases cannot be cured or are difficult to cure. Mr. Iwan Benny Purwowidodo, STP, started this hypothesis from two hadiths of Rasulullah SAW, which stated that “the source of all diseases starts with bad digestion” and “if Allah SWT lowers the disease then he also lowers the antidote (medicine)”.

Degenerative disease

Metabolic syndrome is caused by poor digestion and blood circulation.

Abnormal Cell Disease

Abnormal cell growth due to changes in DNA from free radicals, heavy metals, poisons & peroxides

Cell Nutrition for Regeneration

Natural healing from within the body (self-healing) by providing cell raw materials

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